World Hunger- The Growing Number

World Hunger Day was created to recognize the 820 million people living without enough to eat. In the wake of COVID-19, that number continues to increase as remote communities are facing food shortages. When the Nepal government imposed a nationwide lock down, many people were left without work and food. Because CHOICE In-Country teams have worked closely with communities and their leaders over the years, they are often the first to respond in a crisis. CHOICE Nepal quickly acted on a request from the local authorities in the Besishahar Municipality to assist in providing food to vulnerable people who were facing devastating food shortages. The CHOICE team brought in a total of 793 kg of rice, 40 kg of daal (lentil), 40 kg of salt, 40 liters of cooking oil. The food was able to feed over 40 families. Including Manju BK’s family of eight.

Manju BK, originally from eastern Nepal works as a daily wage laborer along with her husband. She said, “After the lockdown we were without work and could not make any money. We were not able to pay our rent and so our landlord kicked us out. We are now living in this shack  in someone’s rice field. At a time when we were finding it very hard to feed our family, CHOICE Nepal has come to our aid. Thank you very much. It would have been very hard to make it to another day without your help (with tears in her eyes). This food supply will give us some time to find some work.”

Manju BK’s 72 year old mother said, “ Never in my life have I ever faced a food scarcity like this one. We always had something to eat. I hope this disease will go away soon.”

As remote communities around the world continue to face numerous challenges in the wake of COVID-19, the CHOICE teams are there to respond. Some communities have not yet faced the severe food shortages, but the CHOICE teams know that they will likely happen soon, which is why the teams are working urgently to implement food production programs. In areas where food shortages are already a major concern, the CHOICE teams are able to work with the community leaders to provide immediate aid.

Your support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic plays a critical role in supporting communities around the world. You can partner with CHOICE by donating to CHOICE CARES.