Women Trained as Entrepreneurs in Swine Production

david_3.jpgMrs. Adriana is learning how to raise swine to sell and to provide her family with nutritious food as part of a class that CHOICE Mexico is teaching.


Mrs. Adriana attends every class and can often be seen speaking with the veterinary team after class. She is very interested in the practical application of the topics being taught. She is also interested in learning about artificial insemination. When her pig was found physically fit for this process, she sprang into action and successfully performed the procedure. Her pig is now pregnant and doing well. Mrs. Adriana is already planning on selling piglets as a source of revenue. In addition to learning about pigs, she also attends trainings about birds and sheep. To further help her business plans, she took a cooking workshop to better help her family and her future clients prepare dishes with the meat. Mrs. Adriana was pleased to participate in this program that received recognition from the municipal government and to be a force in increasing her family’s income.


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