What makes CHOICE Humanitarian different from other global humanitarian organizations?


CHOICE offers Village Driven Initiatives: Villages identify and manage their development process. As problems arise, villagers take the initiative to resolve them. 

CHOICE builds Leadership: Sustainable change is achieved through leadership. 

CHOICE teaches communities the leadership and business skills for them to break the cycle of poverty.

CHOICE promotes simple, appropriate technologies: All technologies introduced can be built and sustained through locally available resources and skills. 

CHOICE measures and evaluates: As villages progress through the phases of the CHOICE model of leadership development, we learn and implement changes that help the local communities grow and develop more sustainably.

CHOICE advances gender equality: Women are the key to creating lasting change. Research shows when you invest in a woman she will invest in her children’s health and education. Communities and economies are stronger when there is equal and full participation of women and men. Closing the gap between males and females creates a lasting impact that benefits everyone. 

CHOICE utilizes native in-country staff: We overcome problematic, top-down foreign leadership by hiring staff native to the areas where we work.  Our highly qualified team understands how to train people in the CHOICE Model of Leadership Development successfully in ways relevant to their cultures.

You can find more information about our CHOICE model by clicking here.

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