What kinds of projects do expeditioners work on?


Each village we work with plans specific projects according to their unique needs and priorities. Depending on the needs at the time of the expedition, volunteers could be working on any of a wide range of community-managed projects that span the construction of classrooms, stoves, or hospitals to trenching water systems or constructing school desks. As such, the process is very organic and often we may not know the specific project of that expedition team any sooner than four weeks prior to the expedition.  And often, last minute changes can occur, as the community re-allocates resources and priorities.

Some past projects, by country: 

  • Bolivia: Community water systems, schoolhouse construction, latrines
  • Guatemala: Schoolhouse construction, community water systems, health post construction
  • Kenya: Pit latrine construction, desk and schoolhouse construction
  • Mexico: Schoolhouse construction, water cisterns, latrines, family gardens 
  • Nepal: Community water systems, schoolhouse construction, biogas digester construction
  • Peru: Family and community gardens, stove construction, women’s health initiative
  • Ecuador: School construction, reforestation, leadership training

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