Water Projects

Community Water Systems Answer a Critical Need in Bolivia



In the high Altiplano of Bolivia, the most important need is access to clean water. As stated by Bolivia’s political Constitution, “access to water and sanitation are basic human rights.” CHOICE Bolivia has a 35-year record of providing technical skills and knowledge to village leaders of these humble Aymaran communities.  Whether it's water pumps, wells, water catchment systems, or complete community water systems, CHOICE has become the expert in all water technologies.

In 2016, CHOICE Bolivia constructed two community water projects in the communities of Villa Santa Chacoma and Paranco Satatotora.  These two systems alone alleviated the water needs of over 1,725 Bolivians. We wish to acknowledge the support of Wellspring Realty in Bolivian water projects that helped to make this possible.


These projects are not only about providing water but also about allowing the development and expansion of the management capacities of local municipalities. CHOICE builds communities, not just water systems.  These projects are merely a tool for developing and strengthening the capacities of village leadership.

CHOICE prides itself in knowing that, even after 35 years of operation, water systems installed in the early 1980’s remain operational today. Recently, our co-founder Dr. Tim Evans visited some early CHOICE water projects in Peru and Bolivia and was pleasantly surprised to find them completely operational and in use to this very day.  Our Model of village development ensures the sustainability of the project over time. 


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