Lonny-Ward.pngLonny Ward – Field Project Director

Lonny is the Field Director for CHOICE Humanitarian where he directs the in-country teams in the CHOICE model of development. He has a strong educational background in animal science, including a Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and a Master’s degree in reproductive physiology. In addition to his work and education in agriculture, Lonny earned an MBA from the BYU Marriott School of Business.

Lonny spent the early part of his career on the AgReserves, Inc. management team, where he helped manage two dairies and the quality control team for one of the nut farms. During this time, Lonny gained extensive experience with all aspects of dairy management and learned advanced technical skills such as bovine embryo transfer.

In 2009, Lonny found his true passion in life as he began working with non-profit organizations striving to solve international problems of hunger and poverty through small-scale agriculture and community development. Lonny has traveled extensively in this endeavor, working in the African countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, and Mali, Central, and South America in the countries of Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia and Mexico and in Nepal. He loves to work with the rural farmers throughout the world and finds great joy in helping them see how to improve their lives.