VCBO Architecture Supports CHOICE

IMG_1755.jpgOn the evening of Friday, September 23, several VCBO team members were invited to attend CHOICE Humanitarian’s Fundraising Gala. The night included a silent auction, dinner, and a live auction. It was a wonderful night full of inspiring stories, excellent music, great food and of course, wonderful company.


Before the live auction officially began, the auctioneer announced that the fundraising goal for the evening was $10,000. This goal was surpassed within the first 30 minutes! I was amazed by the amount of compassion and generosity being shown through these donations.


The night ended with guest speaker, Eliza Flegal. I was shocked when I saw a young girl– no older than 10 years old approach the podium after her name was announced. Eliza told the story of how she met Bishnu Adhikari, who worked for CHOICE Humanitarian. Bishnu told her about how people from his community in Nepal lived under very difficult living conditions and children her age were not even able to go to school. Eliza expressed her desire to do something to make a difference. She made small teddy bears in her sewing class. She sold them to her classmates and families in her neighborhood. By her service project alone, she raised enough money to send five children to school in Nepal. Everyone in the venue was impressed and inspired by Eliza’s story. It was a great reminder to us all that we are all capable of doing something to help those in need.


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