CHOICE Brings International Team Together For United Nations Conference

For the first time in the United States, the United Nations Civil Society Conference will be held outside of the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, New York. This August, this meeting of global changemakers will be taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference will be Utah’s largest international event since the 2002 Olympics, and CHOICE Humanitarian will be playing a dynamic role.

CHOICE staff sits on three committees that are helping to coordinate the conference. In addition, CHOICE will be presenting several workshops. The conference is focused on building inclusive and sustainable cities and communities. CHOICE headquarters staff, in-country staff, and co-founder will be sharing their expertise from 37 years of international development work building sustainable communities.

CHOICE Nepal In-Country Director, Prateek Sharma, will be speaking in a workshop titled, "Understanding Infrastructure as the Catalyst for Inclusive, Resilient, and Sustainable Communities" (Tuesday, August 27th, at 12:00PM)

CHOICE Co-Founder, Dr. Jim Mayfield, will share from his extensive experience from his 50-year career in rural development in a workshop titled, "Empowering Women and Girls: The ONLY Way to Accomplish the SDGs" (Tuesday, August 27th, at 12:00PM)

Chris Johnson, CHOICE's Director of Economic Development will be speaking with representatives from CHOICE's partnerse in a workshop titled, "The Essence of Ethical Supply Chain Sourcing: Partnering to Facilitate Sustainable Essential Oil-Producing Communities" (Wednesday, August 28th, at 10:00AM)

American Airlines has partnered with CHOICE for the United Nations Conference and will be connecting their diverse staff from eight different countries by providing international roundtrip flights for all seven of CHOICE’s In-Country Directors as well as several in-country staff members. It is a rare opportunity for CHOICE to have their international team together.

CHOICE plans to utilize the week leading up to the conference by holding an intensive training seminar for their team. The training will include interactive workshops that allow the teams to learn from each other in a collaborative setting, unifying their team and keeping CHOICE as a leading development organization in ending extreme poverty.

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