CHOICE Expedition Leaders

All CHOICE expeditions are led by Certified Expedition Leaders (CEL) who have prior expedition experience and have completed the required training. Their purpose is to ensure your safety, to inform you about your specific expedition, and to make sure you get the most out of your village experience. With over 30 years leading expeditions, the CHOICE leadership community has a wide skill set to help you understand the country culture, history, and CHOICE methodology.

Meet our current Certified Expedition Leaders

Interested in becoming an expedition leader? Reach out to the Expeditions Team for more information!

In-Country Team

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll be greeted by an In-Country Director or a staff member who will fill in all the details of your week in the village and will stay with your group in the village. CHOICE In-Country Directors are not only great hosts but knowledgeable mentors about anything having to do with their respective countries and villages. We encourage you to ask questions and learn from their wealth of experience. They also manage all in-country logistics, food, travel, security, and project management.

EMT/Paramedic Volunteer

CHOICE partners with EMT Utah’s Global Medic Assist program. Typical expeditions include a certified EMT/Paramedic volunteer. While accidents and medical emergencies are rare, expeditioners have access to the same level of emergency response you would expect at home.

*EMT volunteer may not be present on all expeditions. CELs are also first aid, AED certified.