For more than 30 years, CHOICE Humanitarian has pioneered economic development models that promote local communities as the building block of self-reliance and locally driven community development. Over this time, CHOICE has refined and implemented economic development models that have successfully been used in small communities around the world.

The foundation of all sustainable economic development lies in the capacity of the local leadership to guide and inspire their communities , the buy-in and engagement of the community to own their own development is pivotal to the success of any development model.

Entrepreneurship Training - The 6P’s

The training process focuses on providing training in entrepreneurship, largely in groups of 10 to 20 villagers at a time. This process takes the villagers through the “Six P’s” training of Interweave Solutions, an internationally respected NGO process developed by Dr. Lynn Curtis.  This “Self-Reliance Program” trains villagers in the processes of successful business planning and development. This is based on the following principles:

            1.     Plan:  Determine the steps needed to make a business succeed.

            2.     Product:  Determine the items or services to produce and sell.

            3.     Paperwork: Document the income, expenses, and goals of the business in writing. 

            4.     Promotion:  Determine how to sell the products or services.

            5.     Price:  Determine what the business will need to charge for products or services.

            6.     Process:  Document how to create products and get it to customers.  



During March and April 2014, all of the CHOICE Rural Development Facilitators (RDFs) in Nepal were trained personally by Dr. Lynn Curtis and Dr. James Mayfield, and these RDFs are now organizing and training villagers in all 20 of the Village Development Council areas.

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