This Young Woman Wants an Education ....Period.


We partner with Days for Girls International to empower young women to stay in school to better serve their future. Jemimah Ngowa is a standard eight pupil at Mwaruphesa Primary school in Kenya. She says, “thank you for the kit. They have helped me so much. Since I got the Days for Girls kits, I have not missed school because of (Aunt Flow) monthly periods and as a result, my performance has improved from below 250 out of 500 to 316 out of 500. Now I am able to concentrate because am equipped with the tools which will help me stay in school. It used to be a challenge to buy sanitary towels because of a lack of money.  Currently am about to sit for my final examination in grade eight and I am very confident that will perform well and join the best high school in the county.”



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