The CHOICE Model Works!

The-CHOICE-model-works_1-810x198.jpgOne of the things that sets CHOICE apart from other NGOs is the emphasis on developing leadership within the community before all else – then taking a support role to that leadership. Rincon is a small traditional Otomi village in Mexico. The road connecting it to the main road is practically impassable, even for 4×4 vehicles. In assessing the priorities to their economic development, the village leaders felt that a useable road was critical.

While CHOICE was there on an expedition, the village leaders asked for a meeting. They explained that on their own initiative they had gone to their local municipality and petitioned the government to pave the road. The request was denied, however they were offered the amount of cement needed to complete the project. They then asked CHOICE’s in-country director if CHOICE would provide the sand needed to mix with the cement. Their request was approved. Last, they approached the expedition leader and asked if each volunteer could chip in $5 towards other materials required. $130 was collected (more than was asked for) and another step forward towards financial independence became a reality.


True, the government will provide cement, CHOICE will provide sand, expedition members provided additional funds and the people of Rincon will provide manual labor, but the critical thing that will provide a road to a better economy is the village’s leadership and initiative. At CHOICE, we help people to help themselves. This is the CHOICE model.

Join a CHOICE Humanitarian expedition and see for yourself. Working side-by-side, together we end poverty.

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