The Best Holiday Break Ever

IMG_4870-940x198.jpgCannot think of a better way to spend Christmas break! This has been such a great way to see Nepal and learn of the wonderful culture of these kind people. We are so grateful to have learned about CHOICE Humanitarian. What an amazing group and wonderful people working so hard to make the world a better place. We will be forever grateful that we saw Meet the Mormons and learned about Bishnu and the wonderful organization. We have loved every minute and every experience here.


The welcome ceremony was so sweet, as was the afternoon spent in the other village. Love the wonderful spirit that these kind people have. The New Year’s party was about the sweetest thing ever! How kind of them to spend all day preparing such a wonderful night for us. Love the families and staff we are here with. How lucky we have been to get to know so many wonderful people. Thanks to all for making this the best holiday break ever.
The Meyer Family

Join a CHOICE Humanitarian expedition and see for yourself. Working side-by-side, together we end poverty.

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