Tents for Nepal Shelters

Nepal-Tent-676x198.pngCHOICE, in partnership with LeShade Outdoors, has secured a large shipment of very nice 4m X 6m Tents from Hangzhou Fashion in Zhejiang, CHINA! These tents are exactly what Nepal needs right now.

Through Bishnu’s close connections with CHINESE and NEPALESE officials, CHOICE was able to avoid the Nepalese import tax thus stretching even more the dollars of our donors. These tents are 100% polyester canvas and are strong enough to be able to withstand the heavy monsoons. Just what the Doctor ordered!

CHOICE was able to negotiate a significantly reduced price for the tents. WE hope to have these tents delivered and in operation in the coming few weeks. These will serve as temporary classrooms and home shelters for many of the displaced Nepalese, many of whom have been without shelter since the earthquake.

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