Susmita's Story

Susmita-Gurung-_-Bangre-1-1024x767.jpgPersonal determination is a characteristic highly sought after by CHOICE Humanitarian in its recipients. Susmita Gurung, a CHOICE recipient from Nepal that displayed a high level of personal determination has a story worthy of sharing. Susmita, a 17-year-old girl from the village of Bangre, has a goal to help others by becoming an English teacher. She has faced many hard situations almost from birth but is still determined to attain her goal.


When Susmita was very young, her father went abroad for work and never returned. Her mother remarried and Susmita and her siblings were left to be raised by their grandmother. Although they did not have any luxuries with their grandmother, their needs were provided for by their deceased grandfather’s Indian Army pension. Susmita expressed that, “I would not be in school if my grandpa had not joined the Indian Army."

Last year, Susmita’s grandmother passed away, however, this has not hindered Susmita’s dream of becoming an English teacher. Susmita still walks from Bangre to Bhorletar (2+ hour walk) frequently to go to school. She sustains her living by raising goats but still faces many hardships.


When CHOICE Humanitarian found Susmita and saw the determination she had to complete her schooling, they felt they had to help. They petitioned the people of Bhorletar to create a fund for her schooling and have collected almost half of the needed funds for her to complete her schooling. The rest will be covered by CHOICE Humanitarian Donors. This process showcases CHOICE Humanitarian’s core belief of providing opportunities within the community in order to achieve the goal of eradicating extreme poverty.

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