Spring Into Action


Spring Into Action April 16 – May 1


This campaign is geared at global citizens who want to act locally and impact globally. Every day between April 16 and May 1, we will be presenting daily blogs and social posts about topics related to extreme poverty and how anyone and everyone can join the movement to end it.

Read our blog daily our check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts for a deep dive into a topic accompanied by a daily action.

Spring into action and join our movement!



Daily Topic 

 Daily Action

April 16, 2018 
What is Extreme Poverty
Donate $1.90


April 17, 2018
(Grilled Cheese Month)
Make a grilled cheese sandwich
and share a photo


April 18, 2018
Sustainable Development Goals
Join The Village 


April 19, 2018
Dental Care
Take a selfie of your smile 


April 20, 2018
Clean Stoves
Share our blog 


April 21, 2018


April 22, 2018
(Earth Day) 
Share our blog and/or go on a hike 


April 23, 2018
Donate what you would spend on school supplies 


April 24, 2018
Savings Box Program 
Join The Village 


April 25, 2018
Agriculture/Small Scale Gardens 
Share our blog 


April 26, 2018


April 27, 2018
Animal Production 
Share our blog 


April 28-29, 2018
Weekend of Engagement
Volunteer, post a favorite expedition photo, shop at the CHOICE Store, share the message of CHOICE with a friend


April 30, 2018
Entrepreneurs/Economic Development 
Post a photo of you at work/why are you grateful for your job 


May 1, 2018
Clean Water 
Donate $5