Sikaabes Kitchen

Blog-6-14-16.pngCHOICE Guatemala announces the completion of the kitchen facility on the campus of Sikaab’e! Sikaab’e is the technical school in the Plicheck Valley where CHOICE Guatemala works. It is appropriately named as  Sikaab’e means “Seek Your Path” in Qeqchi and this is the first of its kind in this region and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation to farmers and high school students in the region.

Increased education and vocational training gives the locals the opportunity to stay in the community, to find a better job, or to create a business. The school was built by 19 students studying masonry who received their INTECAP government certification as masons. The second cohort graduated 19 people in culinary skills.


This kitchen facility will be where Sikaabe’s Culinary Course students learn and acquire specialty skills.  Students graduating will be employed here and in other facilities where their cooking, kitchen, and culinary skills are needed.

As Sikaab’e grows and as tourists, trekkers, and others begin arriving, the first culinary graduates will be ready to host and accommodate paying guests that will help to insure the sustainability of the school.

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