Sikaab’e Vocational Technical and Training School

Sikaab’e  is a state of the art technical school and it is the only one of its kind in the Polochic Region and provides education and training for farmers and high school students ages 14-18. Increased education and vocational training gives the locals the opportunity to stay in the community, to find a better job, or to create a business. Appropriately named, Sikaab’e means “Seek Your Path” in  Q’eqchi’ and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.

The school was built by 19 students studying masonry who received their INTECAP government certification as masons. The second cohort graduated 19 people in culinary skills. Trades offered include masonry, welding, electrical, culinary, hospitality, carpentry, and mechanics.  A host of agriculture certificates are offered including animal husbandry, family gardening, crop rotation and diversification, cardamom and cacao production, and sustainable forestry.

Sikaab’e is an income generating enterprise and is the largest egg producer in the Polochic Valley!

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