Poverty can keep children out of school. Parents do not have the money to pay for school or to buy uniforms. It's easy for families in this situation to keep their children home to help with the family chores like collecting firewood for the family, collecting grass for the animals, and helping with the cooking.

In many countries, there is either a fee to attend secondary school or, if there is no fee, there is still an inhibiting cost for uniforms and textbooks. Therefore, the cost is one of the greatest factors preventing students from continuing their education past the primary levelThe average family income per day for many living in extreme poverty is less than two dollar per day or about $20 per month. It is often impossible for families to send their children to secondary school without additional support. With support, families are able to afford a secondary education, benefiting both the student and the community.

Attending secondary school can be a very competitive process. We want to ensure that our scholarship recipients are well prepared to have the opportunity to attend the best performing schools.

We have scholarships in many countries; here is a look at three unique approaches.