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Bolovian-elderly3-640x198.jpgJaede is 18 years old. She was born and raised in Utah, but she is Bolivian. When she was younger, she traveled to the small town of Villa Serrano in Bolivia where she became keenly aware of the need for a facility for the elderly, many of which are homeless.

Because of our 32 year history in Bolivia creating sustainable solutions for those living in extreme poverty, Jaede brought her idea to us to help get it launched.  Following the CHOICE Model of engaging in partnerships and leveraging resources, Jaede and Shirley and CHOICE Humanitarian formed a partnership.


In 2013, Willy Mendoza, Director of Operations for CHOICE Bolivia, visited the proposed site for the facility.  He then met with the leadership of the community and determined that CHOICE could indeed partner with the Rockwoods and with this small community to build a retirement home.  However, the CHOICE model of requiring active village and government participation, before allocating any resources to such a project, would need to be met.

We are proud to say that the Rockwood project more than meets that criteria as seen in the participation levels below:

Villa Serrano participation in the project:

  • The City donated a piece of land and will be providing construction materials such as sand, stones, and tools.
  • The City will pay for the building utilities.
  • Citizens and organizations will donate adobes and free labor.

Bolivian Government participation-SEDEGES:

  • SEDEGES will provide the furniture and basic equipment for the Elderly
  • SEDEGES will pay the wages for the employees such as doctor, nurse, therapist, administrator, and cook.

USA participation:

  • Building design and blueprint plans -(Xactware Employees).
  • CHOICE Humanitarian – responsible to oversee the construction, manage the funds, and create long-term sustainability for the project.
  • Fundraising efforts – Jaede and Shirley Rockwood, and other Rise Above: Bolivia members

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