Race to Give Clean Water to the World

Water-collection-640x198.jpgClean water saves lives. Women and children spend up to 4 hours a day collecting water. The journey, which could include encounters with dangerous animals or men, can be as dangerous as the quality of the water. And this taken away from education and economic development.

Water is a big deal. In the village of Huancuyo, Bolivia, people used to walk 3 hours a day to collect water. In Kenya, school children helped lay the pipe so their school could have clean water for the first time. And in the village of Los Morones, Mexico we worked with locals building cisterns to create a stable water supply.

We will continue to work with communities that have identified lack of clean water as their barrier to their path out of extreme poverty. The CHOICE Humanitarian Leadership Model of village development empowers rural communities to create their own vision out of poverty.

Over the last 32 years, we have learned that leadership is everything. It’s the difference between villages succeeding or not succeeding. It’s the difference between full ownership or lack of it. Our approach integrates five core areas: economic development, health, education, environment, and culture. Projects are used as tools to organize communities and mobilize resources to create long lasting change. The CHOICE approach is simple – native in-country staff mentor communities and their leaders by organizing and mobilizing them to create their own path out of poverty.

Join us on one of our expeditions and work on a water project and see for yourself how important, and sometimes rare, clean water can be in developing countries. And be sure to text Give Water to 27722 and give $10 to those in need.

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