Our Flock Helps Us Live Better

Mrs. Irene and Mr. Gregorio are producers from Ejido de Detiña in Acambay, Mexico. They had a small, but not profitable, bovine production. At times they didn’t regain the investments made and had to sell animals in the face of an emergency.

Three years ago they requested a loan from CHOICE  Mexico to buy breeding sheep. They attended workshops for entrepreneurs in animal production and, with this and their efforts, they were able to improve their production.

The had some health problems in the family and they had to take care of their grandchildren, but the earnings from their animal breeding project helped them obtain the necessary resources and pay all their expenses.

This month they finished paying their loan and the money they paid for the sheep will help support other families.

Mrs. Irene and Mr. Gregorio are motivated and plan to continue with their sheep breeding business because they know this project has helped them move forward and be economically stable. Now, besides their two daughters, they share their home with their two 2-year-old grandchildren.

They thank CHOICE for their support and encourage donors to support more families like them.

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