Other Partners

Fund Aid for Vietnam

Vietnam, which operates in partnership with CHOICE according to donors' requests and/or as help is needed. In 2015 Fund Aid for Vietnam improved lives of families from the highlands, to Mekong, the young and the old, children living with parents and those in orphanages, shelters, and temples. They completed more classrooms upgraded many others and distributed 68 scholarships to university students.

First Hope

For over a dozen years, CHOICE has supported the work of Cecile Pelous, founder, and advocate of First Hope - an orphanage in Nepal. Cecile, former fashion designer, speaks Nepali, Hindi, and French, said she can communicate with those she helps, even across language barriers. For the past 25 years, Cecile has rescued children from a future of illness, starvation, prostitution, and slavery. She legally adopted 92 children to protect them from harm. Today the orphanage has raised and educated hundreds of children and helped them get jobs or start businesses. CHOICE joins Cecile in her devotion and commitment to preparing these children to be self-reliant, independent, and contributing citizens of Nepal.

yehu-logo.pngYehu Microfinance

Yehu Microfinance Institution is one of CHOICE Humanitarian Kenya's most successful programs. Based on the Garmeen Model, it offers loans, saving and financial literacy. It also empowers marginalized rural entrepreneurs social and economically through enhanced accessibility to innovative, affordable and sustainable financial solutions that are environmentally friendly.

It was established in 1998 with 300 members and $800. In 2015, the membership had grown to 49,500 with over $3 million in savings. Loans have increased from $50 to $25,000 to support women and families with business in agriculture, poultry, meat, dairy, education, health insurance, green energy, assets, and water tanks. Yehu now has 11 branches working in 7 counties. For more information, visit http://www.yehu.org.

days-for-girls.pngDays For Girls

In 2015, CHOICE began collaborating with Days for Girls to help see that every girl in the world has access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene products and awareness about health as it relates to the female body. Not having sanitary supplies means days without school, causing girls to miss up to 2 months of education and opportunity every year which perpetuates the cycle of extreme poverty. With two staff members trained as Days for Girls Health Advocates, we are excited about the opportunity to incorporate Days for Girls trainings and hygiene kits as part of our expeditions.


FeelGood is a youth-led movement turning college into a time of effective global action. On campuses across the country, students run a successful social enterprise—a grilled cheese deli— to raise money and build public support for the end of extreme hunger and poverty. In the process students gain critical business, leadership and teamwork skills that serve them throughout their lives.

Every dollar students raise is invested in the Commitment 2030 Fund: A select group of organizations working to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): a global initiative to eliminate extreme hunger and poverty by achieving an economically prosperous, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable human presence on the planet by 2030.

EMT-logo.pngEMT Utah

In 2016, CHOICE began collaborating with the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps, specifically Global Medic Assist.  This program assists NGO’s and other non-profit humanitarian organizations by sending ‘medics’ along on all expeditions. This helps keep participants safe. It’s like bringing 911 along in your backpack.

singular-humanitarian-logo.pngSingular Humanitarian

Singular Humanitarian is a group of volunteers principally, but not exclusively, single members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Singular Humanitarian has partnered with CHOICE Humanitarian for many years combating poverty by focusing on sustainable village development. 

mentors-logo.pngMentors International

Mentors International's mission is to make a lasting difference by serving those in extreme poverty in a self-sustaining way through business training, character development, and financial services. Together we are serving communities to ensure that they have access to micro loans, savings accounts, and training to take themselves out of poverty