Nueva Concepcion Hospital

Bringing health care to a community that has never had it before is no small task. In December 2014, a new hospital was inaugurated in Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala. For the first time, 13,000 people had access to medical care. CHOICE Humanitarian and 23 communities in the Chulac Region joined forces with other NGO’s, religious organizations, business and government organizations to create this long needed facility.  Prior to the completion, residents had to travel 65 miles for hospital care.

Two medical students from the University of Guatemala, on three month rotations, staff the hospital. Dental expeditions from the U.S.,are bringing dental care to the area.  The hospital operation is administered by a board of directors comprised of the leaders from the local villages.

After receiving 2 years of free care for helping to build the facility, villagers now pay for service. The hospital offers insurance protection for those who are able to purchase it.

For our work to be sustainable, we need as many partners as we can get. So we have partnered with CAFESANO, Centerville Farmington Rotary, doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, DownEast Outfitters, Guatemala Ministry of Health, Mayanikel Mining Camp, Municipality of Senahu, Singular Humanitarian Experience, and Smiles for Life Foundation  on this project.

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