prateek.pngPrateek Sharma / Director CHOICE Nepal  

Mr. Sharma was born in Chainpur, Sankhuwasabha district, Eastern Nepal in 1970.  He was raised in a very small town with his family. His father owned and operated a small medical store. Being surrounded by those struggling with poverty, those days made him appreciate the difficulties poor families in the community faced. When he went to Kathmandu at the age of 18 for further studies, he was dedicated to finding ways to help the poor. While in Kathmandu he received a Bachelor's Degree in Law and Management.

After graduation, Mr. Sharma started his own construction business. Over time he became an "A" class contractor, the highest rating for a contractor from the Nepali government. He oversaw construction of many public buildings, water and irrigation projects, health centers, and roads. But he never forgot the poor and disadvantaged people in the communities he worked in. He wanted to do something for them, to ease their burdens. So he, along with his team, did many social projects to help the communities they lived and worked in. These included providing scholarships for children in poverty, constructing a school library, expanding water ponds, building access roads, or helping with medical expenses for the disadvantaged in the community.

After a long and successful career in the construction business, Mr. Sharma decided to join an organization that works to help the poor more directly. Ultimately, he joined CHOICE Humanitarian Nepal. He worked at CHOICE Nepal as an Infrastructure Development Director for seven years, implementing projects in sixteen districts.  His main responsibilities were general management, community relations, coordinating with the government, quality control, project inspections, human resources, identifying new projects, building partnerships, and expedition management.

Since June 1, 2016, he has been serving as the CHOICE Nepal Director. Mr. Sharma is dedicated to the work and is passionate about continuing the progress CHOICE Nepal has made. His aims are to eliminate extreme poverty, maintain transparency within the organization, and ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of CHOICE projects. Through these projects CHOICE Nepal will improve the quality of life in rural areas, empower the local communities and leaders; and assist in economic development through agriculture and small business development.