Nepal Banana Farmer

Nepal-banana-farmer.jpgSheru Giri was born in Lamjung, Nepal 47 years ago and has a lower high school level education. He dreamed of brining change is his life so dropped out of school and joined his friend in the Gulf t o work. He was very young when he did that, and soon realized that he could not tolerate working in the heat of Saudi Arabia so he quit and returned home with a determination to work hard on his own land.

Upon arriving back in Nepal, he was bewildered. He didn’t have any idea what to do and where to find the investment he needed for his plan? He spent years struggling to provide daily bread for himself and his wife and two children.

In 2014, CHOICE Nepal approached Lamjung with our Nepal Life program. Extreme poor families were identified through a survey conducted. After the survey, CHOICE Nepal started organizing poor families and training them on business development skills. The families with a plan for businesses were provided with a soft loan to set up their businesses. This included Sheru’s family. Sheru and all other families with a plan were encouraged and given ideas for their bushiness from CHOICE Nepal Rural Development Facilitators. Sheru chose to start a banana farm. Farmers were connected with the agricultural development officers and technicians. Technical training was provided, including helping the farmers select the right seeds for bananas.

The trees began yielding bananas in 18 months, but Sheru and his family were worried about finding a market. CHOICE’s Rural Development Facilitators provided help to them to operate a fruit and vegetable shop. It permanently solved the problem of marketing as the couple can now sell their product in the neighborhood. Their business continues to be very successful.

Lakshmand Chiluwal, a Rural Development Facilitator on the income generating committee, said, “CHOICE played a big role to uplift and support families like Giri’s to step to the business level from subsistence farming.”

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