Nepal entered the modern world in 1951 without schools, hospitals, roads, telecommunications, electric power, industry, or public civil service of any kind. In recent years, political upheaval and constant change in ruling power have led to slower overall growth. Nepal ranks among the world's poorest countries with 31% of the population below the poverty line.

The level of poverty has remained high and nearly constant despite political and democratic changes, various ‘anti-poverty’ policies and programs, and substantial international financial assistance. Even with the uphill challenge, Nepal has made progress toward sustainable economic growth since the 1950’s.The Nepalese people and their current governments are committed to a 10-year policy prioritization plan. The effort includes a variety of programs where communities can join together in creating a long-term economic independence and poverty alleviation.

The will to create a better life is evident throughout CHOICE Nepal project areas. The spirit and determination of Nepal’s villagers have been an inspiration to CHOICE volunteers for over seventeen years. Currently, there are 1,040 village leaders who are making remarkable efforts to organize villagers to teach life-changing skills about micro-credit, micro-enterprise, and improved agricultural techniques.

CHOICE methodology is expanding in Nepal further and faster than anywhere else in the world. CHOICE Nepal has turned a $286k investment into $1.1 million of project funding, leading to economic growth and improved living standards. Adjacent villages are actively duplicating this success. As of 2016, our Nepal Self Developing District Program is in its third year of development and is making significant and measurable changes. CHOICE Nepal reports that nearly 1/3 of Nepal families in this program have lifted themselves OUT OF POVERTY! –a remarkable achievement.

In April of 2015, Nepal was devastated by a 7.8 earthquake that leveled many parts of Nepal. Many lives were lost in the rubble. Since then, CHOICE Nepal has been on the front lines rebuilding homes and schools and is committed to continuing the effort of helping the Nepalese people rebuild their lives.

“The need is still desperately critical,” says CHOICE Nepal Director Prateek Sharma. In 2016, Prateek succeeded Bishnu Adhikari as the new CHOICE Nepal Director. “My aim is to eliminate extreme poverty, maintain transparency, ensure the effectiveness of CHOICE projects, improve the quality of life in rural areas, empower the local communities and local leaders, and assist in economic development through agriculture and small businesses.”

Message from Our CHOICE Nepal Director, Prateek Sharma

Development has many dimensions. In the effort to increase income growth and infrastructure the most important part of sustainable development, the people, are often neglected. In a diverse country like Nepal, there are many issues like culture, ethnicity, gender, faith, and geography, which play a vital role in determining what the 'development' need is for a particular community. Read More

History of CHOICE in Nepal

CHOICE’s work in Nepal began in 1999 after visitors returned from Nepal reached out to CHOICE Humanitarian to discuss the needs they saw and to explore the possibility for CHOICE to extend its work to Nepal in the rural communities of the country. CHOICE staff members visited Nepal in the spring of 2000 and met with several locals and together they traveled to the rural village of Okhalepani. Read More

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What We Do

Core Programs

Economic Development

  • Micro Credit Program
  • Essential Oil Development Program
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program
  • Village Cooperative Savings and Credit Program


Leadership and Training

  • Village Leadership Training Program
  • Entrepreneurship (6P’s Training) Program
  • Earthquake Relief Programs


Health Initiatives

  • Community Water Systems Program
  • Family Garden Program
  • Greenhouse Construction Program
  • Latrine and Sanitation Program
  • Dental / Health Clinic Construction Program


Education Initiatives

  • College and Nursing Scholarship Program
  • School Scholarship Program
  • Library Construction Program
  • IT / Computer Training Program
  • Science Laboratory Set up Program
  • School / College Classroom Construction Program
  • School furniture construction Program


Environment Initiatives

  • Family Clean Stove Program
  • Bio Gas Digester Program
  • Eco-Tourism Program
  • Garbage and Waste Management Program


Cultural Preservation

  • Gender Equity Program
  • Days for Girls Program
  • Sport Courts / Playground Construction Program
  • Peace Prize Program
  • Cultural Promotion Program

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