Nacional Instituto Telesecundaria Basic Educacion

Telesecundaria-Basic-Educacion.jpgLife can be tricky when you’re living in extreme poverty. Everything seems like an uphill battle. The expense of education and the time that it takes away from household chores is often a stumbling block. This is particularly true for girls.

If you live in the poverty belt in Guatemala, and you are one of the lucky ones to graduate from primary school, there is nowhere close to continue your education, and the cost can be prohibitive.

However, in 2009 CHOICE Humanitarian opened the Nacional Instituto Telesecundaria Basic Educación opened, and that was a game changer. Serving students from 12 to 16 years old.


Young men and women come from various communities in the area to attend school. This school offers a level of comfort not accessible in many state schools including, desks, blackboards, chairs, an electric generator, a solar panel, a TV, and a stereo. The villages now taking advantage of this school has grown, as has the enrollment of women and the increase in economic opportunities that will ultimately lead to a decrease in extreme poverty.

2009: 12 Men 2 Women
2010: 53 men 9 women
2011: 63 men 10 women
2012: 60 men 11 women
2013: 72 men 17 women
2014: 85 men 22 women
2015: 36 men 27 women

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