Mwenda Ngonyo is living her dream!

Mwenda-Ngonyo-photo-320x198.jpgMwenda Ngonyo is the 6th born in a family of 9. Three brothers and six sisters. Her parents are both alive but very old and cannot support her education. Mwenda Ngonyo completed her primary education in the year 2013.  She was eligible to continue on to Secondary school, but unfortunately she could not pay her school fees. She was forced to leave school.

Mwenda was about to give up on her dream of getting an education because of her extreme poverty. She started working selling charcoal to support her family. She managed to save some money with the intention to one day go back to school. Mwenda said that she did this because for her “education is the key to a successful life” and she hoped that one day she would continue with her education to be successful.

Her dreams to go back to school were answered when COBETF (Community based education trust fund), a CHOICE program, was started in her community. With their support and encouragement and her obedience and patience, she is currently a FORM one student at Mwaruvesa Secondary school. She is also one of the few selected beneficiaries of COBETF’s 100% support for school fees for the whole year (2015).

The community initiated COBETF program was initiated in order to collect funds to support needy children from the community and give them access to post primary education in secondary schools and technical training colleges. Through this program, Mwenda managed to get a full year scholarship of Ksh.24, 950 which is equivalent to $297.

Mwenda Ngonyo is currently working hard in school to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor after completing her education. She also promised to assist her family and the entire community after a getting a job. She is very grateful to Chanzou CBO and to CHOICE Humanitarian.

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