Moving? End Poverty at the same time!

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Need an agent? Let us connect you. 

Selling a home can be stressful but it might feel better if you knew you were helping end extreme poverty at the same time. 

You can earn money for your favorite NGO, CHOICE, while selling your home.

CHOICE has partnered with Equity Real Estate and Randal Wall to help you raise funds while selling your home through a referral program.  Equity Real Estate is one of the top real estate brokers in the country.  They would be happy to connect you with a qualified top sales agent or you can use one you are familiar with and get a referral fee for CHOICE Humanitarian.

It is as simple as this:

1- You let us know you are interested in selling your home and would like the referral fee (usually 25-35% of the agent fees) to go to CHOICE Humanitarian. 

2- Randall Wall will connect you to an agent or work with your existing agent to sign a referral agreement.

3- At closing the title company wires the referral fee to Equity.  

4- Equity will pay the entire referral fee to CHOICE Humanitarian. 

Interested in learning more?  Email us at [email protected]