Savings Box Program

16638825067_f364c104a1_k-940x198.jpgAccording to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), education that is both relevant and purposeful has the power to transform lives.

In Mexico, the Savings Box is a simple community loan program that provides education about budgets, saving money, basic needs, leadership, and economic stability. The Savings Box is a community loan program where community members (the majority of whom are women) save together and borrow from their joint savings to create micro-enterprises.

With the involvement of CHOICE staff, community leadership emerges. Soon the whole community becomes involved, and all members begin to invest time, labor, materials, and pesos for the collective improvement of each family.


The example these women have provided has been impactful. Children in these communities are now forming their own Savings Box programs, saving funds for shoes, school supplies, and uniforms. They are breaking the cycle of extreme poverty!


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