Mexico’s amazingly vivid history goes back as far as 40,000 years according to some archaeologists. Five different civilizations thrived in the region. By today’s standards, some of these civilizations weren’t so civilized. While Mexico boasts a rich legacy of many cultures, it also carries a past filled with conflict, tribal warfare, and foreign invasion.

An unfortunate remnant of Mexico’s history of conquest is the mark of poverty, particularly among many remote indigenous villages. An estimated 44 million people live in poverty in Mexico. Of those, 14 million live in extreme poverty -less than US $1.90 a day. Some of the indigenous people that CHOICE is currently working with are the Huichol, the Mazahuas, the Otomi, and the Tarahumara people. These native Mexicans are rich in culture, tradition, and language, but unfortunately, in recent years have been marginalized and discriminated by urban populations of Mexico.

CHOICE Humanitarian’s efforts in these villages are well-known. Since 1995 CHOICE has partnered with scores of rural villages in central Mexico. To date, we have worked in 9 Mexican states. CHOICE Mexico volunteers and staff have helped villagers reach for better lives by offering training in livestock micro-enterprises, cheese making, handicrafts, blacksmithing, corn mills and many others. Electricity is now available in many villages. Women’s savings programs, healthcare training, and classroom construction are underway throughout CHOICE Mexico service areas.

Mexico is a country where we have seen incredible progress with self-sustaining village projects. CHOICE lays the foundation and sows the seeds of development that ultimately carry the village to the next phase. In just three to five years, communities learn how to leverage and mobilize their resources and reach self-sustainability. The number of successful village turnarounds grows almost monthly, yet there are thousands of villages throughout Mexico in need of our help.

With your involvement we can not only make a dent in extreme poverty, we can end it. CHOICE Mexico Director, Juan Alducin and his staff have made enormous progress in the march toward developing successful communities. Please help us keep the progress moving forward.

Message from Our Choice Mexico Director, Juan Luis Alducin

I am an agronomist born in Mexico City (DF) and have lived in many different parts of my country.  My grandparents were indigenous peasants in the state of Puebla and always lived off their land crops and the livestock that they cared for; it was never enough!  I lived with them for some time, and I came to know how hard it is to be poor and not have any other opportunities. Read More

History of CHOICE in Mexico

CHOICE began operation in Mexico in 1990 with an agreement between CHOICE Humanitarian and Brigham Young University students who came to Mexico to teach adult literacy in three Mexican communities. The students stayed for a month and then returned every year to these same communities. In time, a relationship developed between CHOICE Humanitarian and Juan Luis Alducin who helped to host these students and other summer interns who were coming regularly to help Juan and his efforts to improve the conditions of those in the area living in extreme poverty. Read More

Meet our staff in Mexico

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What We Do

Core Programs

Economic Development

  • Micro Credit and Micro Enterprise Programs
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Program
  • Family and Community Gardening Program
  • Dairy and Cheese Cooperatives
  • Savings Box Program
  • Organic Mushroom Production Economic Program
  • Ferment Products Production Program
  • Organic Egg Production Program
  • Essential Oil Production Program
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Herb Production Program
  • Animal Husbandry Program


Leadership and Training

  • Village Leadership Training Program
  • Internship and Volunteer Development Program
  • Industrial Park Community Developing Program
  • Technology Share and Interchange Program
  • Self-Sufficient Family Program


 Health Initiatives

  • Canning and Agriculture Products Preservation Program
  • Bio-Gas Digester Program
  • Smokeless Clean Stove Construction Program
  • Food Nutrition and Security Program
  • Family and Community Aquaponics Programs
  • Water Cistern Construction Program
  • Rain Harvesting Water Program
  • Greenhouse Construction Program
  • Family Oven Construction Program


Education Initiatives

  • Pro-Literacy Program


Environment Initiatives

  • Composting and Soil Regeneration Program
  • Recycling Program
  • Solar Cooker Program
  • Dry Latrine Program
  • Other Eco-Friendly Technology Programs


Cultural Preservation

  • Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment Program 
  • Traditional Expeditions Program
  • Micro Expeditions Program

Major Project

  • CHOICE CENTER in Irapuato

Where We Work

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CHOICE Humanitarian Mexico - Phone / Contact Information

Juan Luis Alducin – CHOICE Mexico Director
[email protected]


CHOICE Mexico Center

Calle Flandes #287, Colonia Rafael Galván
Irapuato Gto, México 36545
Phone: 52-462-626-9942