Message from Our Director, Wilmer Vicente Cruz LaMadrid

Thank you for all your help that you offer to CHOICE Humanitarian Perú. We are very happy with the goals met so far, and we recognize your important role in this. It is our wish to continue working with strong hands, working to reduce the social gaps that bring us inequality and extreme poverty.

CHOICE Humanitarian Perú develops its activities with the philosophy that "to be human is to be treated with dignity, to be valued for what you are and the unique contribution that you bring with you." We stand firm in this conviction while working in the Andean Plateau, El Faique, and La Arena, bringing to our communities the constant support necessary to achieve their economic and human development.

In 2017, CHOICE highlights the value of women in all aspects of the process of economic and community development. It is because of this that all of our projects from this year on will have a focus on gender. Not only are we making sure that our rural women have a leading role, but also we are making sure that we are offering deals, conditions, and opportunities that are equal for all."

We want to express in this report our profound commitment to the communities of the region, the beauty of their culture, and the good of their people. At the same time, we want to demonstrate the signs of work accomplished with our collaborators, without whom it would be difficult to continue forward. We offer a thousand thanks to them.

Finally, I hope to guide any person that is interested in contributing to our projects. We guarantee that each dollar will be well invested in our social programs that fight to end extreme poverty. Thank you for your love and compassion for our country.

We are strong and keep pressing forward in our fight against extreme poverty!

Wilmer Vicente Cruz LaMadrid