Message from Our Director, Juan Luis Alducin

When we started our work at CHOICE Humanitarian / Mexico, it was a dream that would last 3 years and that would help 150 families in their development process, this dream has lasted for 20 years and we have helped 14,000 families. 

Quiubole/Dear friends and companions

My name is Juan Luis Alducin Carmona I am the CHOICE Humanitarian In country Director/Mexico and I want to share with you my reflections.

Lack of opportunities, lack of opportunity to have a decent home, access to health, to achieve better income, to have sufficient and nutritious food, to receive education, this lack of opportunities mark the people in their life and makes them vulnerable by preventing them from living well.  The road to their development is slow and sometimes undefined.

This situation is lived by many people since they were children and they are forced to learn to live with needs, without meaning of life, without values, without goals, without vision and without hope of a better future.

The call that we make to CHOICE Humanitarian and to all our acquaintances, friends, relatives, companions and humanitarian people is to unite in this important mission.  We have had many great achievements this year.  Our call has been heard.

I am very grateful to those who have collaborated with us in this year to enhance this work, with the participation of Government Institutions, NGOs, Schools, Universities, Companies, Clubs, Volunteers and Friends, we have succeeded in achieving the goal of reducing poverty. There is still a lot to do, lots of communities to go to, lots of people to help, lots of poverty to finish.

No one is so poor that he cannot give something, and no one is so rich that he doesn't have needs.

Your knowledge, your resources, your gifts, your skills, a little of your time are invaluable and necessary resources, the invitation is here.

Warm regards,
Juan Luis Alducin Carmona