Message from Our Director, Rita Lugogo

CHOICE Kenya is passionate about our efforts to lead rural communities out of the cycle of extreme poverty. This can only be achieved when communities have been given the skills to help themselves. Our focus here is to concentrate principally in three areas where we believe we can make a difference— Education, Leadership Development, and Health.


True development cannot take place unless one has an educated community. Democracy is also not sustainable unless the people are educated, healthy, and economically empowered. Therefore, we have made it our commitment to improving the academic performance of our students through working with school management committees and teachers, strengthening guidance and counseling and promoting girl-child education.

We have some health programs, like the Village Healthcare Worker Training Program which is designed to link and extend the Government’s Healthcare program to the rural areas of Kenya. We also have a program called CLTS or Community Lead Total Sanitation Training Program. Its focus is to improve latrine coverage in the area, eliminate open defecation and to improve the overall health of the villagers in the communities in which we work. All these programs are done in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. 

To economically empower our communities, we work very closely with Yehu Microfinance which was founded by CHOICE Kenya in 1997 and helps to empower women in the rural communities, not only where CHOICE works, but in many other impoverished communities in Kenya. Yehu offers small business loans to these women enabling them to increase their family income.  Many have used these loans to build very successful businesses.

At CHOICE Kenya, we believe in increasing the opportunities for these communities. CHOICE does not believe in creating beggars. We believe in creating self-sustaining communities through the development of our ‘Community Based Organizations’ (CBO’s)  We believe that reestablishing, empowering, and strengthening these CBO’s to direct their own development and their own pathway out of poverty is our key to success.