Message from Our Director, Olger Guillermo Pop

My name is Olger Guillermo Pop and most people know me as an agricultural engineer. What I really do is help people fulfill their dreams and to have magical experiences along the way. I am married and have 4 kids. I currently work as the Director of CHOICE Guatemala. Guatemala is a beautiful place with people who never give up. I grew up in the northern área in a city called Coban. I was taught good values and principles by my caring mother, who saw to it that I became a good man and a force for good in society. I have been involved in rural development for many years and have learned that you have to work and sacrifice, and more than anything, have a strong desire to keep moving forward. My mother’s ethnicity is Q’eqchi, and she was a great role model to me. She taught me to have a conscience and to never give up on my dreams.

I can say without a doubt that I love being part of the CHOICE family. As a team, we are able to fulfill dreams, create new opportunities, give hope, be part of bettering the quality of life for others and enter into the heart of each one of the activities that we do. We fight to make poverty and extreme poverty only part of the history of this country. We will accomplish this if we give the adequate tools to the people who want to reach somewhere more than where they are right now and change their lives through effort and with a very defined destination.

The freedom of these people is not defined by simply living in a county with independence, rather in being the owners of their own life and this is where we have the space to make a difference and motivate these people to direct themselves to where others fear to go.

Visiting Guatemala will allow you to arrive at a unique destination and meet a people that are kind and hospitable by tradition. You will have diverse and unique experiences. Guatemala’s territory is unparalleled, it unites diverse biological, culture, passion, love for life and all this is found in one place. For all of these reasons, as a visitor, you will have a magical and unforgettable experience during your stay in Guatemala, you will be surrounded by natural landscapes where the culture stands as a testament of our Mayan ancestors. It’s for these reasons and more that all Guatemalans have a lot of pride in our country. Guatemala has been blessed with a variety of climates, which is why it is known as the “land of eternal spring.” I hope that you’re excited to come and get to know this country at the entrance of Central America and the Carribean with 10 main mountain ranges, 2 oceans, 32 volcanos, 550 rivers and streams that meander through its geography, 143 lakes, and millions of species of animals and plants at the heart of Central America. With people that are hard-working, respectful and desirous to have opportunities to live a better life, we are the principal producer of cardamom in the world, approximately 40,000 metrics tons per year, produced by 350,000 families. We also produce cocoa, coffee, flowers, fruits, diverse vegetables, honey, textiles, handicrafts, and technology, among other economic activities.

This country is full of hope. In Guatemala, we have people that still believe and dream. In the indigenous communities where we work, after entering and explaining our leadership philosophy and explaining that we are going to help them to be architects of their own development, there is a desire to progress, to overcome, to seek opportunities. Hopefully, through this letter, they can infuse you with that spirit, that is what I most admire and love about this land and its people.

The kindness, warmness, and passion that the Guatemalans have for life are qualities that you will find from the moment that you arrive at the airport and all throughout your stay. In Guatemala, we are creative, positive, happy, and we have an incredible work capacity. 

Our ancestors the Mayans, used a positional numbering system, they had a sign to represent the zero with which they could perform complex mathematical operations indispensable for the architecture of their cities, for trade and for the management of their calendar, and now this counts as a great contribution to humanity.

For all these reasons, I invite you to get to know my home, the world where I was born and raised, the place that for me, is the best in the world. 


-Olger Guillermo Pop