Message from Our Director, Raquel Tuston

Today we live in an era that has resulted from unequal decisions and the lack of solidarity.  A man’s wish to accumulate power and wealth at the expense of human dignity has caused an immense gap between those who have everything and those who do not. 


Poverty is a bad silencer that extends between families and communities.  For many years, developing countries have sought formulas to achieve poverty eradication.   Although their efforts have been good they are still not enough.  There are hundreds of thousands of people that go to bed hungry, there are children that cannot attend school, there are adolescents that have limited opportunities for advancement, and there are fathers and mothers who do not know how to satisfy their most basic necessities.  These are tragedies.

The work of helping others is a social debt which every individual should identify with.  Lending a hand to those most in need and supporting those who seek an opportunity to realize their dreams should be our aim and purpose.  An opportunity, an activity, or a project can make a difference in a person’s life, their family, and the community.  I have seen many go from not having much to having something.  If one is able to sustain oneself and one’s family, maintain their human dignity, opportunities will present themselves. With opportunities come growth and progress. 

As Director of CHOICE Ecuador, I invite all of you to take the hand of a child, a mother, an adolescent, or a father to plant the seed of change for better days.  To think of things that never were, but that could be turned into possibilities.  We cannot do this alone. We have created opportunities and we continue creating them.  We now need helping hands, collaborators, and partners in the fight against hunger and extreme poverty.