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Become a monthly member of The Village to support community-led projects in our 7 countries abroad. Receive expedition discounts, exclusive field updates, and a welcome kit inspired by our global mission for less than $0.35/day.

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The Village Welcome Kit

Every membership includes a one of a kind artisan adventure bag, Annual Village shirt, and a note of thanks for your support.

Annual Reports + Field Updates

Thriving Villages rely on transparency, access to information, and dialogue. Members are the first to hear about our field challenges, successes, and unique opportunities.

Expedition    Discounts

We want our community to have direct access to our teams, our projects, and our partners abroad. Depending on the level, members can receive up to $200 off any expedition to help make that possible.


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Members receive discounts and invitations to exclusive CHOICE events designed to build community, share insights, and support our global mission.


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less than $0.35/day

Can scholarship 1 year of Primary School in Nepal or support 2 Guatemalan women in a yearlong Literacy Program 

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less than $0.85/day

Can build one family greenhouse in Bolivia or plant 100 trees in support of a reforestation program in Guatemala

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less than $3.50/day

Can build 3 smokeless family stoves in Mexico or train 50 women in successful animal production farming ventures in Peru

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Give the gift of global citizenship!

Make an impact on behalf of family, friends, employees and more while spreading your passion. Recipients receive member benefits. 

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  • The Village Welcome Kit
  • Annual Reports + Field Updates
  • $50/Expedition Discount
  • The Village Welcome Kit
  • Annual Reports + Field Updates
  • $100/Expedition Discount
  • Invitations to special events 
  • The Village Welcome Kit
  • Annual Reports + Field Updates
  • $200/Expedition Discount
  • 1 Ticket to Annual Founders Dinner
  • Benefits are the same as any Membership Level


Meet the Village

Friends, families, companies, and neighbors committed to supporting our 7 field country teams today, tomorrow, next week, and even next month.
Their reliable partnership makes our work possible!


“I choose to be a part of The Village because I believe that in order to become the person I want to be, it’s crucial to look outside of myself and develop a deep concern and understanding for the world around me. CHOICE has instilled me with compassion, empathy, and awareness.”
- Ellie
High School Student


“With the simple vision of “Improve Lives,” my company has provided many opportunities to serve and donate to worthy causes. Participating in The Village is one of these opportunities and I am grateful my company makes it so easy to give back!”
Employee, US Synthetic


I have been in many villages and I'm aware of their needs. My husband and I have raised 5 children, but certainly not on our own. I know that the influence on my children's lives came from other family, friends, neighbors, and our community. It takes a village to raise a child -- we need each other.
- Jana
Mother of 5

The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility can often get lost in the busy business world. I love that CHOICE Humanitarian not only makes it so easy to give back but does so in a way that raises awareness and a sense of belonging.
- Niels
Founder and President, VCBO Architecture