Meet Our Staff - Mexico

Juan-Luis-Alducin.pngJuan Luis Alducin / CHOICE Mexico Director

Juan was born in Mexico City and in 1960, while he was attending the Metropolitan University of Xochimilco in Mexico City, and working on his Engineering degree in Agronomy, Juan met Ana Castaneda; and after a sort of rocky courtship, they were married in 1986. 

Juan holds a post-graduate degree in Fruit Cultivation, an Honors Degree in Rural Development, a degree in Agriculture and Livestock from Universidad Iberoamericana, and a Diploma in Technological Advancement from Celaya-NAFIN. After graduating from the university, Juan worked at teaching people how to care for fruit trees.  He realized he enjoyed helping people even more than caring for plants.  He later earned his master’s degree in World Development and worked on planning roads for villages that had only rocky paths leading to their communities.  “These people need transportation,” Juan says. “Some of them would have to walk six hours to get to a hospital.”

Juan Alducin joined CHOICE in 1995.  Since then, Juan has been managing all CHOICE Mexico programs in and around the work areas of Irapuato and Guanajuato. Juan is responsible for launching successful goat cheese factories and organizing the villages into several successful cooperatives. More recently CHOICE Mexico expanded into several other new work areas including; San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Queretaro, and the state of Mexico as Juan continues his efforts to expand the CHOICE model to different regions of Mexico.

Juan has a deep love and passion for his people and works tirelessly to improve their economic standards, always going the ‘extra mile’ in support of their efforts.  He is a master at developing local leaders.  He works together with them, teaching and training them in networking skills, and empowering them to mobilize important resources.  Juan has an outstanding reputation in Mexico and has gained significant recognition. He is an expert at leveraging CHOICE dollars to their maximum by linking CHOICE villagers with outside resources to realize their vision and dreams.  

Juan and his wife, Ana, have four daughters; Ana Laura, Alejandra, Maria Fernanda, and Arantza. This year Juan and Ana became grandparents with the birth of their grandson, Liam Bradford to their daughter Alejandra and son-in-law, Rob Bradford. 

Laura-Alducin.pngLaura Alducin Castañeda / Development Director / Expeditions Coordinator

My job is to make connections with schools, universities, companies, etc. I like to spread the beauty of sharing with people who need it most, to collect smiles and get good feelings.




Cesar David Aguilar Escobar / Project Manager / Veterinarian Science

I am responsible for the planning, organization, and execution of infrastructure projects and production of sheep and pigs providing training and advice in the communities of the State of Mexico. I get the results and the impact of these projects. I was born in Mexico City and I like to play soccer, hike in the woods and camp, and I love classic rock music. I studied Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM, I did my social service with CHOICE Humanitarian looking to give back to society with a real social service, at the end of the service I began to work formally in CHOICE Humanitarian. I share the vision of a world without poverty in which all people have access to basic services, I like to share what I know and learn from others.

Isreal Garcia / Nutrition Project Coordinator

I am in charge of monitoring the nutritional status of people in the communities of the state of Mexico, the implementation of organic gardens, and providing food guidance. I am about to graduate with a degree in nutrition from the Universidad Mexiquense Del Bicentenario. I like to learn, experience, and mainly support others. I also like to play sports and work hard to overcome all the obstacles that allow me to fulfill my goals. I started working with CHOICE as part of the social service needed for my degree in nutrition. In time, projects were developed which allowed me to collaborate with the organization looking for change initiatives to eliminate the poverty of the communities, starting with the production of organic vegetables.


Araceli Hernandez / Nutritionalist

I have a degree in nutrition from the Universidad Mexiquense Del Bicentenario. I am responsible for the area of food security with the implementation of family gardens and food orientation.I like to help people change their bad eating habits and I took a course on “hygienic handling of food. I help to eradicate poverty with the implementation of family gardens guaranteeing food security and helping the Mexican population to have a better healthy lifestyle especially for those with low income.



Erick Fernando Lopez / Fundacion Comunitaria del Bajio Program 

I am an expert in veterinarian and animal science and work as a member of the CHOICE Mexico team in Irapuato, Mexico. I’m currently developing an improved diet for our rabbit breeding program. Our goal is to increase animal protein in human consumption. Many of the people where CHOICE works are suffering from malnutrition and lack the essential nutrients the body needs to maintain good health. CHOICE works to help the villagers improve their diets. The program also helps to develop superior compost to enrich the family garden. I am originally from Mexico City, but now I live in Irapuato. I was introduced to the CHOICE organization while studying at the Universidad y Nacional Autonoma of Mexico. I‘m very happy working with CHOICE and I’m committed to the organization. I am motivated in knowing that my work helps to bring tools to help those who may be marginalized. Many of these people are living in extreme poverty. The programs of CHOICE are indeed helping these people to achieve the dignity and equality each of us deserves.”


Ana Lilia Castañeda Manrique / Projects / Gender Equity / Expeditions 

Describing 20 years of life in Choice in just two lines is very difficult to summarize but I would say: "It's a blessing in my life and in my family, being there every day helping others and seeing how your small actions impact lives, how people change and progress both materially and spiritually, how they improve their way of seeing life and how they change the mentality of other generations”



Margarita Landeros Mechaca / Communications Officer 

I take care of taking photographs and video, managing social networks, correcting and writing success stories, digital newsletters, video editing. Being part of Choice has given me the opportunity to practice my profession and the possibility to know different places such as communities, meet people and appreciate what I see how people can be happy with so little that the main thing is the love of people. I like to travel and to know new places and the culture of each one. I have a degree in communication,
from Leon's University.


Jose Luis Morales / Animal Caretaker

My job is to keep the green area, animals and corrals clean and in good condition ... I feel very proud to serve my work and I thank you for the trust you have in me.




Eduardo Garcia Murillo / Projects / Aquaponics

I really like working at CHOICE, because I like to support people in their projects and the have the opportunity to learn more innovative things and transmit them in communities. My role in CHOICE is to work on the aquaponics projects in the communities of Irapuato and in the State of Mexico.


Magali Ortega / Veterinarian

I am a Zootechnician Veterinarian Practitioner. I am responsible for the projects for making soaps with goat milk and lard, making creams and some animal loan projects. These are sold to support our work. I like working in CHOICE because I am motivated by contact with people in the communities, knowing that you can help them and make their lives more enriching so that poverty ceases to be a limitation in the improvement of people's lives. I like to read and go to the movies, and I love animals.


Roberto Paramo

I am a student of the technological Superior of Irapuato (Itesi) studying engineering and business management. I work with CHOICE Mexico on social business creation focusing on the creation of a dairy workshop in a community in Irapuato Guanajuato. I enjoy is to end extreme poverty because it is one of the principal problems that in our country. I am originally from Salamanca, Guanajuato and I was raised by a father who is a farmer and trader and my mother who is a housewife.



Rosalio Rosales / Construction Supervisor 

I take care of everything related to the construction and repair of the facilities, maintenance, and operation in the training center.




Claudia Sarahi Soriano / Fundacion Comunitaria del Bajio Program 

I have a degree in Biology from the Autonomous Metropolitan. I was born in Mexico City where my family still lives. I enjoy working for and with people that make me feel committed to give my best effort. I want to contribute to the fight against extreme poverty because I am very aware of the inequity suffered by the most vulnerable and forgotten sectors of my country. They, like all of us, have the same right to live in good conditions and be fulfilled.



Antonatiuh Valdez / Health and Veterinarian Services

Rural communities in Mexico need a lot of help, that's why I work at CHOICE. I am a veterinarian and I am in charge of productive production projects for birds, mainly laying hens and broiler chicken. I like working in CHOICE because it gives people tools to change their living conditions.