Happy Mother's Day María Isabel Silva

IMG_3688.JPGMaria raises and sells ducks to support her family. Maria became a mom at 16 years old. She speaks of the discrimination due to being pregnant at such a young age. However, despite the suffering and the financial problems her husband Elmer have a strong marriage. 

“Sometimes my husband does not have a salary and we do not have anything to eat and we are grateful for my mother in law for providing food in these times.”

“I am now 32 years old, strong, and have two beautiful children. I go out every day at 4 am to collect firewood for cooking; I go to the river to wash my clothes; take my children to school; cook and get everything ready for the next day.

I also participate in a project we have with CHOICE Peru where a group of 35 women are raising 200 raise ducks to sell. There are 35 women in this group and we are working to improve our lives and the lives of our families. With the sales, I save and buy books for my children so that they can go to school. I feel good being able to work and bring money into my home. I am moving my family forward. CHOICE supports us and we work hard. I feel very happy to be in this project and to sell my ducks to help my family.” 

Happy Mother's Day to Maria and all moms around the world who are working to move their families forward! 


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