Manisha Gurung

Manisha-Gurung.jpgManisha Gurung is 11 years old and lives in an impoverished village in Nepal. She and two of her sisters were provided with CHOICE scholarship along with all the children of the school. Her family is involved in agriculture but doesn’t own any farming land. They do share cropping and work for others for their survival. Sharecropping land is generally the least fertile land because the owners keep the fertile land for themselves.

Manisha’s father, the only bread winner for the family, is not home most of the time and her mother has a mental illness. The family has been bearing a huge financial burden treating her illness. 

This situation demands Manisha to shoulder the family chores. She goes to the jungle to collect firewood for the family, collects grass for the animals, and helps in cooking and cleaning. She also helps her sisters. Her school uniform is torn from working in the jungle and her parents are not able to buy school supplies for her. For all of these reasons, she was in the verge of leaving school.


CHOICE Nepal was able to provide uniform and school supplies to all of the students in her school this year because of the generous support provided by Erik Zenger. This brought incredible happiness to the Manisha’s family as she can stay in school.

Life is still challenging. There is not enough work available in the market. Manisha’s father can work for about 10 days each month. The income is not sufficient to feed the family. And there home is damaged from the April 2015 earthquake. She is getting pressure from the family to drop out of school and support family, but Manisha isn’t giving up hope. She has a strong will to continue her education and to be a successful person in life. She thanks CHOICE and its donor for being a helping hand in her education. Namaste.

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