Making a Bigger Impact in the World - Smiles for Life Foundation

Smiles for Life Foundation is an example of how individuals and foundations can partner with CHOICE Humanitarian to make a bigger impact in the world.

For people living in extreme poverty, access to dental care is non-existent, so children and adults are living in unnecessary pain that affects learning, working, and every aspect of life. We are pleased to highlight the work of Dr. Roy A. Hammond and the Smiles for Life Foundation for their commitment to worldwide dental health.  

"I had my first opportunity to truly sense the realities of poverty in 1987 as my wife and I volunteered in Micronesia with a small team of dentists. The very next year, we became involved with Dr. Tim Evans, a co-founder CHOICE Humanitarian.

I now coordinate and provide leadership to teams of dentists and their families who represent Smiles for Life Foundation. Our culture of doing good is focused on creating sustainable change in underprivileged and underserved areas of the world. We are grateful for our opportunity to partner with CHOICE Humanitarian and the local dental schools in the countries and areas they serve. Through the involvement of our onsight teams and the establishment of permanent care facilities, manned by local dental students and dental care providers, we plan to change dental health awareness and access to dental care.

Because of our partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian and the commitment of their in-country staff, we are seeing positive change and the lives of our Smiles for Life volunteers are being changed and blessed."

Dr. Roy A. Hammond    

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