Kenya Water Systems

kenya-water-woman.pngCHOICE Kenya has had a long history of assisting schools and health centers of building ferro-cement tanks for rain water harvesting. Rain water harvesting is the most adapt way of solving the water problems of Samburu for many reasons. The water table is very low. If one were to dig boreholes you would have to dig 300 ft. or more to reach water. Even if one is willing to incur the cost, the underlying rock offers another challenge. It is very hard (drill bits often break) and the rock also causes the high salinity of the underground water making it impossible to use for human consumption. The Samburu area of Kwale County, CHOICE Kenya area of activities, is located in a semi-arid area. This means that the area receives very little rain, therefore, a primary need for the community there.

Kids usually have to carry water from local dams and bring to the school for their lunch to be cooked and for drinking. Having water on the school compound is a huge help and can be used to create school gardens so that the produce can be to feed the kids and excess sold for income for school.

An alternative method that CHOICE Kenya has used is helping schools to connect to the main water pipe line if one is located in them.


CHOICE Kenya occasionally rehabilitates one of the few boreholes that exist in the area near Mbele Primary. The borehole was to supply water to the school but was to be used to establish a garden which would feed the students at lunch time and the excess was to be sold to increase revenue for the school to finance school projects.