Kenya Scholarships

In Kenya, there are local leadership groups referred to as Community Based Organizations (CBO). One of the topics these leaders address is a lottery based scholarship program. They call this program the Community Based Education Trust Fund.

Secondary education in Kenya is equivalent to the US system 9th through 12th grade. Although students do not need to pay tuition to attend secondary school, they must pay for books, uniforms, transportation, food, boarding, and any extra fees that arise. Cost becomes a barrier that prevents students from continuing their education.

These Community Based Organizations gear their scholarship programs to both boys and girls. Students are chosen on the basis of financial need and proven schoolwork and effort. 

Elijah Chaka is the chairperson of the Silado CBO. He looks over 7,000 people and covers five primary schools, and several early childhood education development centers (ECDE). One of his the main objectives and goals is to help guide students and give them access to this scholarship fund.

Rita Lugogo Scholarship Fund

Rita Lugogo served as CHOICE Kenya In-Country Director for over 25 years. She is known as a champion for education. CHOICE has established the Rita Lugogo Scholarship Fund in her honor to continue to provide education in her name. Join us in providing scholarships that change lives!