Africa leaps into your senses. There is nothing subtle about Africa. Since 1993 CHOICE Humanitarian co-founder Jim Mayfield has made 17 trips to Kenya. “Each time I go is like the first,” says Mayfield, “Africa is addictive. Africa gets in your blood.” Africa is where the first heartbeat of the human race began. And that’s where the true wonder of Africa still lies – in its people. 

Tragically, a huge percentage of Africans live in poverty. CHOICE Humanitarian concentrates its efforts in Kenya in two highly impoverished areas, the Kwale and Kilifi counties located in the Coastal region of Kenya in East Africa. In the Kwale area, one recent report shows that 32 percent of the population is classified as ‘food insecure’ while 40% of the population is in ‘absolute poverty.’ Poor healthcare and poverty in Kinango have led to very high infant mortality rates, among the highest in the country!

Despite wide divisions in tribal heritage and religious beliefs the Harambee (‘pull together’ – Kenya national motto) spirit has resulted in amazing progress for thousands of villagers where CHOICE Humanitarian works. In Kenya, a powerful tool in the fight against poverty is education. Schools offer inroads to the community. Improved schools and education systems translate to positive changes in the village. Many villages choose to begin overall village improvement with classroom construction. Schools are not only centers of learning but gathering places where communities can come together to discuss common goals and make plans to improve lives.

CHOICE Kenya has initiated numerous school and classroom construction projects, women’s micro-credit programs, water and sanitation projects, basic healthcare training, and has more recently focused on long-range sustainable economic strategies.  A dedicated staff headed by Oreu Kasanju maintains a ‘hands-onapproach to teaching and mentoring rural communities and village leaders to ensure success in mutually agreed upon projects and objectives.  CHOICE Kenya trains committed village leaders to take charge, identify, and mobilize local resources to address their development needs.

Rita Lugogo, CHOICE Kenya In-Country Director, Retires after 25 Years of Service

Dr. Rita Lugogo served as CHOICE Humanitarian's Kenya In-Country Director for twenty-five years. In that time, she implemented the CHOICE Model of Leadership Development, raising the standard of living for thousands of individuals; co-founded Yehu Microfinance Services, providing microloans to over 35,000 clients; and was a fierce advocate for education. To hundreds of thousands of rural Kenyans she is known as "Mama Rita" a mentor, an advocate, and a friend. Join us in celebrating Mama Rita and her legacy. Learn More

History of CHOICE in Kenya

CHOICE Humanitarian has been operating in Kenya since 1992, initially under the aegis of Coast Development Authority until 1997, after which it was registered independently as an NGO working in projects centered on the five aspects of development. These are Education, Health and Environment, Micro Enterprise and community economic empowerment, Leadership development and Cultural enhancement programs. Read More

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What We Do

Core Programs

Economic Development

  • Micro Credit and Micro Enterprise Programs
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Program
  • Community Gardening Program
  • Dairy Cooperatives


Leadership and Training

  • Samburu Integrated Development Program (SIDEP)
  • Community-Based Organization (CBO) Development Program
  • Village Leadership Training Program
  • Internship and Volunteer Development Program


Health Initiatives

  • Village Healthcare Worker Program
  • Community Led Total Sanitation Program (CLTS)
  • Days for Girls Program
  • Dental Clinic and Hygiene Programs
  • Health Post-Construction Program
  • Malaria and other Infectious Disease Prevention Program
  • Community Water Projects / Cistern Construction


Education Initiatives


Environment Initiatives

  • Tree Planting and Reforestation Programs


Cultural Preservation

  • Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment Program 
  • Expeditions Program

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