How old do you have to be to join an expedition?

How old do you have to be to join an expedition? Are kids allowed?


While there is no set minimum age requirement, we encourage families to exercise some caution when bringing very small children. In most circumstances, children over the age of 8 are a good fit for expeditions, with one or both parents/guardians accompanying them. In some cases, younger children can join; if for example, they were the youngest of 3 children and the whole family was going on the trip. 


We will be in very rural and rudimentary lodgings and areas at times, and we want to make sure that everyone is aware and prepared for that. Some good questions to ask are whether the child:

  • is a picky eater?
  • is flexible with sleeping in new locations, using latrines, etc?
  • can handle extended travel under rough conditions?
  • likes to camp?
  • is mature enough to handle 3rd world poverty and culture?
  • has traveled internationally?
  • This is a case-by-case situation, and we trust parents to make the best decision. 

Please reach out to our Expeditions Team with specific concerns about this.

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