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Chandra.jpgWhat is the price of confidence? To one Nepalese entrepreneur, confidence was four piglets and the dedication to reach beyond the life he once lived. The family of Chandra Bahadur was identified by CHOICE Humanitarian as one living in extreme poverty in the village of Bhorletar, Nepal. Although Chandra was a hardworking craftsman and family man, he and his family still struggled to meet even their most basic needs.

When Chandra, age 44, was asked what CHOICE could do to help improve the life of him and his family, he was overwhelmed by the question but knew that this was his opportunity to rise up from poverty. His one wish was for a small loan to begin raising pigs for profit. Chandra learned how to run a business with the 6’P Training and with the skills he had as a craftsman, using local materials, he built a pig pen and bought four piglets to raise. In the first year, Chandra made over seven times the amount of the original loan from his pig venture. In Chandra’s words, “The most important thing I learned is not money, it is confidence. It is the feeling that I am equal to all humans and a worthy member of society.”

This small venture has provided education for Chandra’s three children, sufficient health care for his family, a bag weaving job for his wife Rama, and the confidence to succeed in any venture. Since his initial loan, Chandra has gone on to sell many more pigs, start a wood factory, and is in the process of starting his very own furniture business. To Chandra and his family, great things started with the simple question posed by CHOICE Humanitarian.


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