History of CHOICE in Peru

The history of CHOICE Humanitarian and its work in Peru has its beginning on September 15, 2010.  This was the date Feed the World/the Institute for Self-Reliant Agriculture (ISRA) was established in Peru.  The Institute for Self-Reliant Agriculture began under the direction of Percy Hawkes.  Mr. Hawkes came from the United States and became the first Director in Peru.  He started projects in Cura Mori and New Hope, where they worked with 30 and 12 families respectively.


In 2012, Oscar Vilela (a Peruvian national) was promoted to director. However, in that year there were funding problems that prevented ISRA from meeting its goals.  For that reason, the successful strategy of partnering with local governments and universities was initiated.  In this way, we could move forward with many joint projects in parallel alliances under our direct supervision.

The projects developed in that year were in the villages of Stone, Monte Castillo and Paredones.  In addition to these villages, our first partnership with the Regional Government of Piura, the District Municipality of Frias, and the National University of Piura, was solidified and we began having a major impact in the District of Frías.

Thus, in 2013 our first project in Frías, impacted more than 148 families.  We also implemented another project in Huarochiri with a private company, Red de Energeia de Peru (REP), whose area of ​​social responsibility is working with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).  These two organizations joined their funds to finance this project impacting 32 families.

Later, the Provincial Municipality of Huarochirí, and the District Municipalities of both San Damiano and San Andres de Topicocha joined the project.  In total we were seven organizations that participated in the project.  It was the first experience of working with a private company, which was very successful.  This taught us how to leverage our funds and resources to have a greater impact in the region.

Returning to Piura Pacaipampa, we formulated a project with a group of 100 families on the model of economic self-sufficiency.  At the same time, we developed another project on the coast in Tambogrande. The latter was a project partnership with the District Municipality of Tambogrande, where we reached more than 300 families.

In 2015 we decided to work again in Frias and implement a second project in that area, with which we were able to help 300 families. We are currently developing a third project and aim to support 500 families. Similarly, we began work in mid-2015 in El Faique on a project where we aim to help 200 families and soon another project at La Arena, with which we will start working with 100 families.

In September of 2015, Feed the World merged with CHOICE Humanitarian and we began incorporating the CHOICE model and developing a number of projects in El Faique and in Frías.  Today we have manual intervention strategies that are working well.  The CHOICE team in Piura is skilled and knowledgeable and is implementing CHOICE strategies as we continue the fight to eradicate extreme poverty in Peru.

To date, Choice Humanitarian Peru is spreading its self-sustaining model throughout our work areas and we are learning more and more to partner with other organizations as we try to reach and impact more and more Peruvians. Our goal is to migrate to other regions outside of Piura and develop more economic development projects in other parts of Peru.