History of CHOICE in Kenya

CHOICE Humanitarian has been operating in Kenya since 1992, initially under the aegis of Coast Development Authority until 1997, after which it was registered independently as an NGO working in projects centered on the five aspects of development. These are Education, Health and Environment, Micro Enterprise and community economic empowerment, Leadership development and Cultural enhancement programs. 


CHOICE Humanitarian sent its very first expedition to Kenya in 1993. The group worked on a project in the community of Maji Moto in Kikoneni Location. A Kenya women’s group had managed to build a Community Health Dispensary, but the Government would not support the project nor send Medical personnel to the facility until a home was built for the Physician. CHOICE’s first project in Kenya was to build this house. The CHOICE group started the construction, worked a week on the project and then the community came together to finish the rest of the construction. The project was a success and CHOICE Kenya was up and running!

In its inception, CHOICE Kenya worked closely with other government ministries such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Planning, through the District Development Officer. Through the years, CHOICE Kenya has also worked with different donor agencies, such as DANIDA (Danish International Development Agency), the Aga Khan Foundation, Trivani Foundation, and others.

CHOICE Kenya established as its mission ‘to relieve human suffering and to bring hope and reconciliation to the people we serve.’  Its vision is ‘to see our people living in peace, love, and harmony with one another, embracing the strength within our cultural diversity in a country where the rule of law and justice is our shield and defender and where preservation of human life and alleviation of human suffering is the topmost concern of all of us.’