Health & Nutrition - a critical step in ending poverty

Life can be hard for people living on the Andean Plateau. The altitude is high, vegetation is sparse, and growing food can be difficult. These conditions can naturally lead to situations where people are undernourished, and essential nutrition is a critical step in breaking the cycle of malnutrition and poverty.

There are two aspects to malnutrition. One of them is not getting enough food which can lead to stunted growth. The other is hidden hunger. This is when someone may be getting enough food not to be hungry all the time, but it is not the right kind of food. This often means not enough protein, or not enough “good quality” protein, and not enough of specific vitamins and minerals.

The community of Las Pircas in the Meseta Andina understands that sustainable agriculture development is a powerful tool to end extreme poverty, improve nutrition, and generate income. Therefore, they are welcoming a community trout farm.

This community trout program provides a high protein food source to families and is also generating micro and small businesses in the community. These businesses are creating employment opportunities and providing income to all participating families.

The families in the community are investing 30% of the costs for this program themselves. The municipal government has committed to participate by scaling and replicating the program in larger communities.

This innovative program developed by CHOICE Peru involves technology that helps improve the production and commercialization of the trout. This includes improved ponds for the fish to grow in, the acquisition of genetically engineered fingerlings, balanced diets for the fish, constant monitoring and evaluation by community members, and training for the community members involved in the project.

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